how to build a sales funnel

5 Important Things You Must Consider Before Building A Successful Sales Funnel For Your Business

how to build a sales funnel

Have you been worried about the low turnover of sales in your business?

I am sure by the end of this post, you will see some reasons why you have not been profiting from your business.

From my research, I discovered that 56% of people aiming to put their businesses online often do it in the wrong way and by so doing losing customers and some capital.

The importance of sales funnel in business cannot be undermined because it is one of the core areas of a successful business.

In this write up, I will be showing you 5 important things you must consider before building a successful sales funnel for your business.

1. Your Niche

This is a very important factor when building a sales funnel. You have to define the niche you belong into before making an attempt to build a sales funnel.

If you are a consultant on marital issues, then you belong into the dating and relationship niche.

Your niche is the first phase of your business which people quickly become familiar with.

You can equally be into several niches provided you are consistent with what you do.

In clear terms, always choose the niche you know you love best and you can equally contribute to without much stress, then you will be able to profit more.

2. Create a Brand

This is the second aspect you must consider. Brand creation is an important factor in building a good sales funnel.

Most business men making millions of naira on the internet are not known by their names but with their brands.
For example Richard Branson was known by his brand name Virgin Atlantic, and so many others.

The brand name you choose for your business can either make you or break you.
In clear terms, you must choose a brand name that you know best suit what your niche relates to and do not ever choose a brand name that would be difficult for people to remember.

For example people know me as Olad Synergy Solutions but hardly know me as Olusanya Ahmed Adesoga, that is because I chose a brand name that they can easily remember.

3. Website

It is believed that for a business to gain trust and followers, it must have a place where people can reach out to for further enquiries.

This is where the need of website is essential. Having your own personal website for your business makes you stand out from your competitors because people tends to relate more with people that have a website than people who doesn’t.

Moreover, having a website even give more honor to your brand because you can reach out to more people with your website than coming up with loads of article explaining what your business do.

Honestly, people like to verify the existence and reliability of a business before any committment.
In clear terms, having a website is very essential if you want to build a successful sales funnel for your business.

4. Lead Capture Page

In some or let me say virtually all businesses, if you need to turn your prospects into a lifetime paying customers, then you need a lead capture pages.

If you do not know what lead capture page is, you can visit this link to learn more
With lead capture pages, you can convert your prospects into a lifetime customer.

One major factor that guarantees you a continuous paying customer is to first give them a value before thinking of selling to them.

One of the most common mistakes people make when building a brand is to introduce a direct selling to their customers.

This makes them think otherwise and thus turning their backs against your services even though what you want to offer worth millions.

In clear terms, for you to build a successful sales funnel for your business, you need a lead capture page that will turn your prospects into paying customers.

5. Autoresponders

This is the life blood of any business that wish to set its business on autopilot.

Autoresponders are the major problem of any internet marketers because the beauty of autoresponders is to see your sent mailing messages go straight into the inbox of your subscribers.

But majority of autoresponders we have today either goes into spam folders or do not even deliver at all.

From my research and experience over time, I will recommend some autoresponders if you have little budget for monthly subscription. , , but if you are just a starter and you want a free autoresponder for a start, you can visit but for you to use mailerlite autoresponder service, you need to have a website.

You can get quality and cheap website from this link

With the help of autoresponders, you can send email sequence to people that you capture through your lead pages until they are converted into paying customers.

To learn how to create an autoresponder for your business, you can visit

I believe if these above mentioned factors are considered, you would be able to build a complete and successful sales funnel for your business that will keep generating consistent income on daily basis.

Copyright (c) 2018 Olusanya Ahmed Adesoga

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