Olusanya AhmedMy name is Ahmed Olusanya, the founder of Olad Synergy Solutions.

I am a digital marketer, internet business coach and an entrepreneur.

I have assisted many businesses build their brands and I have also trained a number of people on how to make living online.

I have authored many digital products including the best selling one "How To Create An Ecommerce Website In less Than 2 hours Without Prior Knowledge In Programming"

Olad Synergy Solutions is a digital marketing solution provider  which provides altruistic marketing solution to challenges facing business growth and development.

Our robustic marketing solutions contains all what you need to make your company brand be widely known by millions of internet users within and outside Nigeria.

Olad Synergy Solutions packages comes with free training and support for all our services.

Some of our main core services are;

Bulk Email Marketing Solutions Setup - because we believe that the heart of any business is its email list.

We assist businesses to set up their bulk emailing system so that they could be able to send unlimited emails to their subscribers.

In addition, we also train business organisations on how to get real and targeted contact details for their offers, hence building their customer database.

Affiliate Platform Setup - We believe the end point of every business is to make sales. This service is solely relevant to businesses that have products to sell or has an ecommerce store already up and running.

We assist you in setting up your own affiliate store where you can recruit affiliates that will assist you in promoting your products and as such earning commissions on each product sales.

Moreover, this will require less effort on promotion on your path as these affiliates will assist you in promoting your offers and as well as your website.

We can also equally assist you in recruiting and managing affiliates for your online store.

At Olad Synergy Solutions, as part of our policy to assist you in harnessing the various opportunities on the internet, we have provided an avenue where you could earn unlimited income online comfortably from your respective homes.

This is why we decided to lunch our affiliate platform where you could make unlimited income just by promoting our hot products in exchange for robust commission.

You can visit this link to get started as our affiliate.

At Olad Synergy Solutions, we also believe touching lives positively will in turn yield a positive outcome that is why we introduced a program called DYP Initiative.

Discover your potentials initiative is an initiative introduced to assist youths in harnessing their in-born potentials by deploying well prepared strategies and tactics in order to actualize the dream of their undiscovered abilities.

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