Automated Exam Software (CBT)

You can start conducting in-house CBT Exams in your school from Upper Primary to SS Classes . Our Software is very affordable:
– No Internet required
– Cost Saving
– No Renewal
– Time Saving/ Error free marking .
Get your students familiar with CBT now and boost the image of your school.
Scholarship/Entrance Exams are done mostly on CBT today aside from JAMB and planned WAEC CBT.

(a) The CBT Module has benefits to the School, Teachers, Parents as well as the Students as follows:

1. The cost of paper and ink/toner consumed on a termly basis will reduce to up to 70%.
2. The man hour and efforts expended in printing exam questions will be eradicated or drastically reduced as the case may be.
3. The image of the school will further rise instantly in the education community for this innovation.

1. Reduces time spent in marking.
2. Exam Result processing time is drastically reduced.
3. Error-free marking by the computer on objective questions.
4. Increase in productivity and efficiency as Objective results are been processed and submitted automatically for the result printing.


1. Students are better prepared for JAMB, Scholarship and Employment Test (which are mostly conducted on CBT these days)
2. Absolute Confidence & Trust in Objective Exams (as “what you do is what you get” is enforced, no blaming others for failure/success)


Absolute trust in their wards facing the world of CBT as well as trust in the efficiency and effectiveness of the school’s exam processing. Parents also get INSTANT SMS Alert of Exam results of their wards for ENTRANCE EXAMS.

Some Key Features of The CBT Software are:

*Access Control
*Huge Cost Saving
*Instant Exam Results
*Auto-Shuffle of questions
*Import Engine from .txt files

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