DYP initiative also known as "Discover Your Potentials" is an initiative program set up under the auspices of  Olad Synergy Solutions to harness the in-born potentials in youths by deploying well prepared strategies and tactics to actualize the dream of their undiscovered abilities.

Potential is something that is inherent in you that make you achieve your purpose. It is a raw material that can be transformed into money spinning benefit.

The Orange Seed Analogy

The orange is characterized by not just a seed, but multiple seeds. Basically, if all things being equal, the seeds are potential trees.

For instance, if an orange contains 15 seeds, it holds that we have 15 potential trees and these 15 trees will produce fruits with seeds.The trend goes on and on.

It simply means that one orange has great potentials of generations of seeds and trees. In the same vein, you are endowed with lots of potentials that can make you live an exceptional life because it works by the multiplier effect.

Potential is closely related with your passion and purpose. Your potential is what you do effortlessly without stress. It is the thing you do passionately and joyfully without being paid.

Purpose is the reason why a thing is created; it is the original intent why a thing is in existence. For you to achieve your purpose of existence, you need to discover your potential.Potentials are indeed a rider to your purpose.

Sincerely, “if you don’t discover, you can’t recover, Kunle Awotiku remarked. A sick individual can never recover if the doctor does not diagnose to discover what is responsible for his illness.

Discovery is highly important for you to be branded and not stranded. Geoscientist spends millions of naira to acquire sophisticated equipment to discover minerals beneath the earth surface.

You can never recover from mediocrity, total dependence on peeps, a poverty-stricken life, if you don’t discover your potentials.Someone opined “potential is the credential that makes one essential and influential in life”.

Brain Tracy quipped “ the potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibility waiting to be released and channeled towards some great good’’.

Everyone is equipped with potentials just like the orange that has many seeds to do exploit, touch lives and also to live a life devoid of poverty. Your potential might be singing, artistry, writing etc. it is said that the graveyard is indeed the wealthiest place on earth.

It is filled with books that were never written, songs that were never sang, inventions that never saw the light of day. They were those who failed to discover their potentials.

However, potential is just like raw materials that need to be worked upon, refined and polished. Gold can’t be gold if it didn’t pass through fire. Crude oil will never roll in billions of naira if it remained as crude and didn’t undergo further processing.

It is instructive to note that those superstars in all works of life took the pain to look inwards to discover their distinct potential and also worked on it.

This is why they flood the pages of the newspapers and our television screens.Indeed, the world has gone beyond credentials, potentials paves the way.

What Is Personal Potential?

Your personal potential describes...

• The activities and tasks you can excel at: the hobbies, sports, jobs and relationships you can be great at.

• The person you can become: the professions, social status and fame you can attain.

• What it is possible for you to achieve: the life goals, wealth, honors, awards as well as the impact you can have on the world

• Potential comes from the root words "potency" and "potent" and refers to all the things you can be successful at if you develop and use your gifts, talents and natural abilities.

Everyone Has A Potential...

All of us have within us the seeds of greatness. But everyone's potential is different. Some of us are great at telling stories. Others excel at making touchdowns, solving complex math problems, inventing things or growing herbs.

Collectively, we have all the potential we need to create and sustain our world. And on the Island, we think that means a world where every dream can come true.

But it takes every blade of grass, every breeze, every insect to make reality not only what it is, but what it could be. Our TargetThe only way youth could get value out of their exceptional potential is to package and commercialize it.

Packaging and commercializing their potential increases value for their potentials to gain relevance and for the best to be show –cased, they need to commercialize it.

That is why DYP INITIATIVE (DISCOVER YOUR POTENTIAL) was created to harness the talent and God's gift that lies within the body cell of youths and in turn making it gain their maximal relevancy based on their discovered abilities.

Mode of operations to be adopted by DYP initiative (Discover Your Potentials)

1.  Training Engagement

We shall be assisting these youths to explore their talents by engaging them in some of our capacity building training courses which could be in all sorts of activities – arts and crafts, sewing, gardening, cooking, sporting activities, book clubs, IT and digital skills etc.Engaging them in these courses will assist us to clearly map out where some of their strength lies and we will also in turn help them commercialize it  when having fully gained exceptional knowledge about their performance and abilities.

2. Creating volunteering duties

As part of our strategy to actualize the true potential of youths, we will be creating an avenue of volunteer duties within the neighborhood, workplaces, event places, programme coordination and many places we feel could truly bring out the best performances in these youths.

3. Creating an avenue for networking

Often times, we will be creating an environment of networking where youths tends to meet like-minded people in their respective areas of discovered abilities.They will be able to learn from them, how are they using their talents? How did they discover and develop their talents?

Benefits Of DYP initiative

Below are some of the benefits in which DYP initiative tends to establish

It reduces unemployment rate  in the sense that some of the youths especially the secondary students who will be partaking in this program will have a sustainable income even before gaining admission into their respective institutions. And more so, after their undergraduate studies, they will be fully dependent on their abilities.

It reduces crime rate ; it is believed that most of the crime rate that occur are majorly from youths. But engaging these youths with required knowledge know-how, they would be able to have a positive mind set towards achieving a better goal and this in turn tends to reduce the rate of crime.

It contributes to the development of the nation; obviously, provision of more jobs in a country contributes to its development. Thus, having larger people in the country making use of their talents to solve one or two challenges will in turn give the country the strength it desires.

Our Goal

Our major goal is to harness the inborn potential in youths by deploying well prepared tactics and strategies in order to actualize the dream of their undiscovered abilities.


To assist Nigerian youths discover their potentials and also making it a sustainable income for them through some of our various strategies and tactics put into place.


To ensure larger percentage of youth have actualize their dreams and have commercialized it for a sustainable development. 

Programme of Activities

DYP initiative programme will be conducted at a specific chosen school which will serve as a primary converging point for other invited schools.

The under-listed activity of programme will firstly be carried out by DYP initiative in her first phase of commencement

• Sensitization of youths and awareness creation on the importance of discovering their potentials

• Organizing workshop practices and other training activities

• Organizing a volunteering services and activities• Organizing an heart to heart chat session with the youth


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