Make money with paypal

Learn How I Earn $30 to $100 Per Day in My PayPal Account With PayPal Referral Autopilot Cash System

Make money with paypal

Attention to all verified PayPal account holders!

This is a lifetime opportunity for you to grab.

Do you have a verified paypal account and you want to make a lifetime income with it? Read on.

In this post, I am going to show you for free how I earn and how you can also earn $30 to $100 per day in your paypal account with this powerful Paypal Referral Autopilot Cash system that keeps pumping instant profit even while you are asleep.

Requirement to get started

Verified Paypal account that sends and receives.

If you do not have one, please download my video course on it here or download a pdf report by Olujimi Metilelu here from the link.


You get instant payment into your PayPal Account

Instant payment cash out


It involves using different promotional strategies

This is how the PayPal Autopilot Cash System Works

Read This Methodology

When I promote the system and you by chance see my link, you will click on it which will take you to an order page or if by another chance I promote it directly to you and you show interest, I will then give you my referral link which will also lead you to the order sales page which you will then pay a one time fee of $9.9 through the link.

The money you paid goes directly into my Paypal account which I can cash out immediately.

After receiving the money, Paypal will notify me or you contact me through my details sent by paypal or you check the contact seller email address as circled at the bottom part of the order page.

how to make money with paypal

Once you contact me, i will now send a url link PayPal activator to you coupled with the word document of this post you are reading which you can edit and put your referral link just the way i did.

The url link Paypal activator which you will receive will now be use to also activate your own system.

Once you activate your system, you will get an instructional mail in your inbox or spam folder as the case may be on how to get your own referral link too for promotion so that people can also make a payment of $9.9 into your PayPal account.

Once you get your own referral link, you will also device a means or strategy to promote your link.

Once someone gets hold of your link, the fellow also click on your link which will also direct them to a similar order page as the one you saw when you made payment.

The fellow also makes a one time payment fee of $9.9 through the order page which you will instantly receive in your PayPal account.

Once you also confirm the payment from PayPal, you can reach out to the person through his email details sent by PayPal or the fellow also contact you through your details.

Please note that, you should be the one to contact the payer because he might be a novice.

Now, once you are contacting the payer, you will also send the same url link PayPal activator I sent to you when you paid through my link so that the person also gets to activate his or her own system too .

The fellow after activation also get his own referral link which he can now follow the same thing you have done to receive payment with his or her referral link so that he or she can also receive payment instantly in his or her PayPal account

So the process continues like that on and on and you keep making money on autopilot into your PayPal account.

You can start your instant PayPal Referral Cash system by going through the link.

I will advice you to copy this write up and send to the email of the person that make payment through your link so that the fellow can read and also pass it on and on.

I will also advice you to replace my referral link above to yours when sending this information to your payer.

how to make money with paypal

Thank you for reading and I do hope you find it interesting.

With this system, you can make above $3000 monthly if you are really dedicated.

There is no limit to the amount you could make because it all depends on your promotional strategy and power of conviction.

Promotional Strategy Tips

There is no one way to promote your link, it depends on the strategy that works for you.

For example, I discovered that the strategy that always work for me is to organise online training or put up a blog content for me to teach people just the way I am doing for you now.

Some also discover that the power of content works a lot for them.

You can write powerful content that talks a deep on how the system works just the way I am doing and at the end of the content you place your referral link which you have shortened.

Some discover that promoting their links on social platforms also works well for them.

Some also put up a blog that they use to drive sales to their referral link.

I use that too. Check my blog all the posts are affiliates links

So whatever that suits you is the best method for you.

Best promotional method I recommend

The best promotional method I recommend is to use a blog post because some social media sites like Facebook offend bans referral link on their site.

So if you direct people to your blog post as I just did with you now, you will see that in a space of time, your PayPal account becomes fatter.

License Notification

You have the full right license to edit this write up to your taste and pass it on.

Do you want to start your journey right now and start banking $30 to $100 per day into your paypal account?


Let’s go crush it guys.

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