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Digital Quran Reading Pen

This Pen can read any verse ,surah,and page of the Holy Quran book by just touching the Pen pointer at any verse ,surah title and page number.


Make the recitation of the Quran fun and interesting to your kids with this digital Quran pen reader.The best tool to read, learn and memorize the Holy Quran .

Quran Pen Reader has unique technology that scans and pronounces Quran page,Surah,Ayah from printed Quran.

The Pen fits in a pocket and has an intuitive ,friendly interface. Quran Pen Reader improves reading skills for all learner , maintains the flow of reading as student and non -Arabic speaking people encounter unfamiliar words.Use the Quran Pen Reader as your reading assistant anywhere anytime.

This important device can improve reciting skills dramatically! With the auditory support provided by the Quran Pen Reader ,frusration and embarrassment disappear.

Both struggling and fluent readers rapidly improve their skills in fluency,vocabulary,comprehension,spelling,pronounciation and grammatical structure.

This Pen can read any verse ,surah,and page of the Holy Quran book by just touching the Pen pointer at any verse ,surah title and page number.

The Holy Quran Book is printed with authenthic and beautiful Othmani Text. Choose among the famous Quran voice recitations. Prominent translation voices synchronized with Holy Quran recitations.

Repeat any verse ,surah, page just by pressing repeat button.Clear loud sound from the built in speakers. Beautiful pen with built-in speaker and rechargeable battery,4GB Built-in flash memory.PC connection,USB allows the users to connect with the PC .Effective working time after fully charged:over 6 hours.

It will automatically power off if not in use for 3 minute,working temperature:-45 to+45.Recording voice for comparism of recitation .

User can select any reciter of choice. Selection of audio translations in different languages like English,French,Urdu,Persian e.t.c. Enjoy recitation voices,12 different reciters, such as Al-Sudais,Al Afasy,Al Hussary,Abdul Basit,Al Hudhayfy,Al Mishawiy,e.t.c.Other books in the package include Sahih Muslim,Sahih Bukhari,Qaida Noronia:to learn Arabic alphabets,and talking dictionary.

Package accessorries:USB cable, USB adapter,earphone,user manual, WHAT A PRECIOUS GIFT FOR THE BELOVED!!!


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