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How To Build A Mobile Application Without Having A Single Knowledge In Programming

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to develop mobile apps without coding


This is Amazing Video Course That Shows You How To Make Native Mobile Apps In Minutes Without Coding Even If You Have Not Touched A Computer Before.

You Can Make Such On All Platforms; Android (Phones And Tablets).


Over 40 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2016 and it’s project to be over 100 billion downloads this year. So, are you ready to profit from this money?



Successful businesses are utilizing app PUSH NOTIFICATIONS to massively increase engagement and conversions


Text alerts are gradually fading in water. Users actually like and respond to PUSH notifications. Users response to PUSH NOTIFICATIONS IS OVER 95%


China’s Single Day on Nov 11 2015, was the single largest online retail day in history. Alibaba alone saw sales of over $14.3 billion that day. This is 5 times the amount of money made during cyber Monday in the U.S


And just like the giants of alibaba, Small Businesses And Marketers Are Experiencing The Exact Same Trend

A Recent Survey in the United States shows that over 80% business owners want a mobile app for their businesses, but they are scared of going for it because they are under the impression that it’s only affordable by big companies with big budgets

And they are correct, because, before now, hiring an app development team is very expensive, time consuming and complicated. It can cost up to $5k – $50k, and take anything between weeks, months and even years to correctly build an app. The majority of entrepreneurs are already very busy running their businesses and do not want or need additional stress from the complex, time-restricting process of building complicated apps. But Businesses have no option because Mobile Phone usage keeps rising.


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