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How To Make Profitable Income Rendering Email Marketing Services

With the Internet spreading its wings so rapidly over the years, it is only a matter of time before everyone in the world is connected. It has become the main medium for carrying information and it has surpassed its competition in more than one way. It is only natural that, for this reason, many businesses (mostly successful ones) have decided to replace the promotion and marketing over the physical mediums (such as TV and radio) for various types of online promotion.

There are a few ways in which you can promote online, as I mentioned in the last sentence. You can use the social networks towards your promotion (also known as the Social Media Marketing, or SMM). You can also hire an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consultant, who will work towards optimizing the search engines to make sure that your website comes out on top when searching certain keywords that are related to your business.

The third option is to promote your business via email, through various types of mailing lists. In this course, I will talk about email promotion, since the first two are being greatly discussed nowadays and everyone seems to forget about the good old option of email marketing.


Are you an internet marketer who has been strugling with email marketing just because there is no reliable autoresponder system for you to use?

Are you a stay at home mum who needs a support income just to meet needs?

Are you tired of seeking jobs and want to tap into the unending opportunities on the internet?

Are you an undergraduate who needs consistent income to sustain your regular needs?

Do you wish to learn the art of promoting product or services using email marketing?

Do you find it expensive to pay monthly fee to those autoresponder companies who now charge exhorbitant monthly fee?

Do you wish to earn consistent income with email and affliate marketing on complete autopilot?

Do you want to learn the secret the internet gurus use to make consistent six figures every month?

Do you need a reliable and consistent internet opportunities to engage in order to settle your monthly bills?

Today, I want to tell you that the hidden solution to your Email Marketing problem is solved.

Just like you, I used to suffer from the rigorous ways to send bulk emails as an email marketer.

The constant ban on my gmail account made it miserable for me to start my email marketing business.

It was just miserable. And I really feel for anyone else putting up to start email marketing business. But do you know what? It doesn’t have to be this way.

You see, one day while I was having a chat with one of my international email marketing colleague he gave a kind of weird idea about how to solve my email marketing problem.

I decided to follow those ideas swiftly. So I tried it to see what would happen. And much to my surprise … it worked! In fact it worked so quickly I almost thought it was a fluke.

But it wasn’t a fluke. It DOES work. And I believe this unending tricks and idea could eliminate all your email marketing problems too.

This complete guide contains an 11 video series tutorial that shows you how this magic is done. I will show you exactly what I did and how you can do the same thing in this ultimate secret guide.




  • 50,000 verified and optin Nigerian email address lists


  • Bulk email sender software with tutorial


  • Ip changer software with license •


  • Email extractor software •


  • Businesses email and address database •


  • Over 1 million verified and updated Nigerian phone numbers with names to start your business; Phone numbers are from 5 states; Lagos, Rivers, Abuja, Ogun and Oyo •


  • 10,000 PLR articles on internet marketing •


  • Free email verifier and cleaner with license key •


  • Video series 1 ( Setting up email marketing software)


  • Video series 2 ( creating google secret universal password to send unlimited emails)


  • Video series 3 (how to join affiliate marketing) •


  • Video series 4 ( how to choose the best performing product) •


  • Video series 5 (working with auto-responders) •


  • Video series 6 (promoting your products ) •


  • Video series 7 (how to extract email addresses in any niche or industry) •


  • Video series 8 (how to open a verified paypal address in Nigeria without changing an ip; a step by step guide)


  • Video series 9 (how to clean and verify bad email addresses; software included) •


  • Video series 10 (How to create a landing page; a complete step by step guide) •


  • Video series 11 (How to create highly converting optin forms with autoresponders) •


  • Instabuilder Landing page creator plugin worth $297 •


  • Comprehensive ebook tutorial on 9 secret social media ways to generate or market your products (book covers instagram marketing ,youtube marketing and 7 others you are not aware of)

Is that all? Hell No! I also have some fantastic juicy and jaw dropping bonuses which i have included in this guide. Let’s take a look at some

How to make cool money rendering cyber security services without prior knowlegde

Step by step guide to start CPA marketing using an insanely secret strategy

Facebook cash ignition (shows you a complete guide to earn money with facebook)

15 secret classified and legitimate sites you can post your advertisement on for free and get massive traffic

Free mentorship

Access to my 6 craziest internet marketing tools. (name hidden)

And many more.


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