What We Offer

If you really need an online exposure for your business or you are having difficulties promoting your brand, services or products, then that is where we come in to ensure that your effort are not jeopardized.

We help business startups to gain online recognition using  various tools and resources to ensure their businesses gain attention in the minds of the people.

We also help individuals and business owners to grow their businesses online, drive traffic and also increase sales through creative branding, internet marketing and a host of others.



As part of our services to ensure every business make profitable income, we set up an affiliate platform for your online store so that you can be able to recruit people as an affiliate to assist in promoting your product while you watch the money rolling in.

We set up the whole system for you by assigning a certain percentage commission to all or some of your products in your store.

Moreover, if you are a business owner and you do not have an online store, do not worry because our team of experts will assist you to set up a fully functional online store with reliable and trusted payment gateway system for you to receive payment on your store.

We also assist businesses to set up their mailing system where they could be able to engage more with their customers and in turn making more sales.

In addition, we set up your bulk emailing system where you could be able to  send multiple emails to your customers, track your reports and also schedule your emails. More so, we would train you on how to get targeted email list that you could use for your business promotion.


Some Of Our Services Are


A wonderful serenity has taken possession of the digital world, video marketing is the next generation of online marketing. We create high converting explainer video animation that will give your brand the recognition it deserves.

We promote your videos on YouTube and help you drive traffic to it for your brand awareness.

As old as it is, email marketing is still one of the best form of marketing. We assist you in setting up your own bulk mailing system so that you can be able to send out multiple mails per day.

We also set up desktop bulk mailing system for new business start-ups and existing businesses who has minimal clients to reach out to.

If you have been having difficulties selling your products online, then you are in the right place because a good business needs social media presence, we dig deep to ensure your business, products or services gets to the front of target audience.

We assist you in creating a professional advert that converts prospect into buyers with minimal cost and high return on investment.

We also provide lasting solution to any ICT challenges. Some of our ICT solutions are

  • CBT Exam Software Solution ...Read More
  • Intelitoria School Management Solution .... Read More
  • Inventory Management Solution
  • Cooperative Society Management Solution
  • Hospital and Hotel Management Solution
  • Bio-metric Attendance Solution  


Web Design Services

We are professionals when it comes to designing a responsive website. We design varieties of websites; some of which are

Mosques Website

NGO'S Website

Churches Website

Real Estates Website

Hotels Website

Schools Website

Ecommerce Website

Sales and Landing Pages Design Services

Landing pages and sales page is a no joke for the internet marketers. If you need to get quality leads to your services or offers, then call on us for a well crafted and altruistic design landing and sales pages.

We help you build your entire sales funnel from scratch that results in massive conversions which eventually leads into sales.

Digital Marketing Training And Consultation Services

We offer a wide variety of training programs to people who are just starting up their businesses or newbies with little or no knowledge in digital marketing.

Some of the training courses we offer are listed below

Advance Facebook Marketing

(Learn how to run an effective, low cost and targeted Facebook advertisement for your products or services)

Optin and lead generation training

(Learn how to eventually get hungry customers data or identity who are ready to buy your products or interested in your services)

Professional Webdesign and Blogging Training

(Learn how to design an eye catching website that displays or shows the entire world the products or services your business deals with)

Complete CPA Affiliate Marketing Training

(Learn how to make money in dollars by getting people to take action doing something either by submitting their email address, zip codes, buying something online and so on. But the end result is getting paid when you refer people to take action)

Advance Email Marketing Business Training

(Learn how to effectively use the power of Email to market and promote your products or services to large number of people who in the real sense have no personal relationship with you. You will also learn how to generate emails of hungry customers for your business)

Professional Content Writing Training

(Learn how to effectively write a good content for clients who needs the services or clients who need your assistance to market his or her products or services)

Professional WhiteBoard Video Animation Training

(Learn how to create an eye catching whiteboard explainer video that explains what your business does simply using text and images compressed in video format)

Advance Video Marketing Training

(After creating your video animation, it is now time for you to market your video on different platforms for more people to know what your business has to offer)

Drop-shipping Business Training

(Learn the art of drop-shipping; this training will show you how to set up a virtual online store that make you sell any kind of products without you even having the product at hand and you will eventually get paid based on your agreement in commission between you and the merchant)

Search Engine Optimization Training

(Learn the magic formula that allows your website, blog or your business to show on the first page of major search engines like google, yahoo, bings etc)

E-Commerce Training (How to create a free online store)

(Learn how to build a complete e-commerce website like that of Jumia, Konga, Alibaba. The beauty is that you can also assist people in designing it and getting high pay for it)

Video Editing Training Professional

(Learn the professional way to edit your videos by adding beautiful touches after filming or recording in an event)

Professional Webdesign Training

(Be the first contact person when talking about web designing, learn all what it takes to design a professional web-design for your business or your clients. For example when you visit oladsynergysolutions.com that is an example of a website.

Professional Business Proposal Writing Training

(The starting point of any business is writing a professional business proposal that will state clearly how your proposed business will operate or function within a locality; you will learn the intricacies involved in putting up a professional business proposal)

Complete Social Media Marketing Training Course

(Business isn't complete without having a social media presence; you will learn the antics involved in running and setting up a complete social media campaign for your business)

Web Traffic Generation Training

(There is no market for your business when people are not seeing what you sell or market. Online web traffic generation will teach you how to get more people to know about your products or services and also retaining this people for future purchases)

Complete Information Marketing Course

(This course is the juiciest of all course; this is simply because you identify the problem people have, you then proffer a solution to the problem and finally you sell the product which contains the solution to people that needs it and thereby making you unlimited income on autopilot)

Online Advertising Strategy Training

(Learn the art of placing an effective paid and free advert that could potentially reach millions of people with a blink of an eye)

Business Promotion and Development Training

(Learn what it takes to promote and develop your business by combining both the online and offline strategy)

Google Adwords Training

(This is a technical aspect of advertising on google; this training shows you the complete way to run an effective and rich advertisement on google search engine using some useful resources for optimization)

T-shirt Design and Printing Business Training

(Many people love T-shirts, why not take advantage of this interest to start a T-shirt design business in the comfort of your room; if you want to know how this is done, this training will show you how)

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